Video Testimonials

Mayor Frank Klipsch

“We have had speakers who were Harvard Business lecturers, TedX presenters, podcast hosts, and leadership coaches, to name a few.

The speaker who has achieved the highest marks from our post-summit surveys is Marlo Clarke. Marlo, through his advice and perspective, has proven to be an invaluable resource to me both professionally and personally.

Marlo is a thoughtful listener, he asks timely, probing questions, and when he offers a response, he does so with an authenticity I find to be rare.

Ryan Cannady - Chief Retail Officer

“When I sat down and got ready to listen to Marlo deliver his speech, I had no idea what to expect. However, as soon as he started talking, I felt like Marlo was talking directly to me.

But Marlo’s speech went deeper than just those feelings of being heard and cared for. I actually got tangible advice that I applied to my life, and still do to this day.

This wasn’t just another motivational speech that left me with excitement and energy, but no way of knowing how to put these feelings to use.

Jenna Lawerence - Author

“Marlo was the first speaker to work with our men that was not associated with a faith institution or business. He was instead a poet-philosopher and offered clarity of vision, purpose, authenticity, and problem-solving strategies.

I see myself and my place, people, and time with more clarity and resonance for having been a witness to Marlo’s presentation.

Our clients flock to my critical thinking and emotional life courses now in hopes of continuing to discuss and apply Marlo’s ideas.”

Jim Estes - Clinical Psychologist

Andrea Beil

Michael Le