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Focused on individuals asking themselves “What next?” Marlo’s insightful concepts and captivating storytelling take audiences on a journey that offers a clear and confident path forward!

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Marlo's awe-inspiring journey, driven by life in Barbados, North America, Europe, and Africa, has led him to develop intriguing concepts that he now shares with audiences around the world.

He has spearheaded development programs with the US federal government, travelled to 13 European countries for a year to interview individuals about what living a full life means to them, and now lives a few months annually in South Africa spearheading volunteer programs in rural villages.

Marlo’s unique perspective, gleaned from these extraordinary experiences, offers a roadmap to a more fulfilling life and career. See why audiences agree, “There’s no other story of striving, achieving, and sharing quite like Marlo’s!”

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Presentations that Drive Change

Marlo’s intriguing concepts bring your audience insights influenced by a unique mix of professional environments. They drive positive change by guiding the process from conception to completion!


How was your day,

The beginning is often the hardest. My “Five Questions for Self-defined Success” gives us a daily roadmap for reflection as we navigate the uncertainties of our journey.


What now? What Next?

Implementing the concepts in “The Cycle of Success Through Intentional Action” gives us clarity and confidence throughout the striving process.


It All Comes Full

Success is a wonderful place to be, and you should be proud of yourself! Understanding the “Spectrum of Joy” helps us to appreciate our achievements.


An Islander and His

We remember and thank those who were there for us in our process, but also, we can share the “Privileges of Success” that helped us to achieve our goals!

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Nicola Benjamin Senior Project Manager

Marlo's has a clarity of delivery, and his concepts will stay with you long after you have attended his talks. His approach is so engaging that by the end, you’ll want to take immediate action!

Ryan Cannady Chief Retail Officer

Marlo has been the best reviewed presenter we have ever hosted. He is a thoughtful listener, he asks timely, probing questions, and when he offers a response, he does so with an authenticity I find to be rare.

Jessica Bishop Educator

Marlo's captivating presence and insightful delivery make him the standout speaker of our 7-year program, effortlessly connecting with each individual and leaving them inspired and eager to embrace fresh opportunities.

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