A Personal Message From Marlo

Firstly, I’d like to start by saying “thank you.”

Being considered to serve the audience at your next event is a huge privilege and I am excited by the possibility of us working together.

We put this page together to assist you in your decision making process, provide you the information you need to help your selection and give you examples of how I have worked with others in the past.

It shares a little of my experience and what can be delivered specifically for you. Regardless of whether your event will be live, in-person, remote or pre-recorded, then there is a solution for you.

My entire philosophy is to be a joy to work with, delight your audience, over deliver on value and make your life as easy as possible.

So, have a read through, and get a feel for how we can work together.

Thanks a million,

"Marlo was incredibly engaging using humour and his natural enthusiasm to draw the constant attention
of the audience. They audience was engaged, laughing and learning."
James Prenter
President of TEDx University of York

Global Expertise

Marlo’s diverse background and experiences in Barbados, the USA, the UK, and South Africa provide him with a unique, globally resonant perspective. He connects with a wide range of audiences, bridging cultural gaps and offering valuable insights.

Audience Engagement

Marlo prioritises interviewing two audience members before each presentation, customising his content to meet the specific needs and interests of the audience or organisation. This personalised approach ensures engagement and impactful delivery.

Original Concepts

Marlo’s concepts are derived from real-world experiences and global conversations. His original ideas equip audiences with new perspectives; and the beauty of the concepts is that they apply to any field, whether it's sales, education, or personal growth.

Captivating Storytelling

Marlo’s ability to captivate audiences with his personal stories is a valuable asset. He expertly weaves personal experiences into his concepts, creating vivid, relatable stories that leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Choose Your Focus

When you book Marlo he creates a custom program for you and your goals – before your planning call, give some thought to your desired outcomes and Marlo will create you the perfect cocktail from the following ingredients.




Clarity and

The Spectrum
of Joy



of Success


Motivational Speaker, Speaking
Amiee Woodrow Chairperson - Mid-American Conference

"As an organizer, I was excited to have Marlo on our team, and as an attendee, I left his session feeling inspired and engaged in our collective mission."

Jim Estes Psychologist - State of Illinois

"I see myself and my place, people, and time with more clarity and resonance for having been a witness to Marlo’s presentation."

Signature Presentations

It happens to all of us. We decide to act, put all of our passion and effort behind that action, and it doesn’t go as planned. This setback is not final; it is simply feedback. How we react to this feedback can determine our path for incremental improvement and future success.

Marlo explores the cycle of success through intentional action while providing tools anyone can use. Learn to navigate uncertainty, evaluate negative feedback, and embrace the power of vulnerability. Together, we will elaborate on two equations to give more clarity to each individual’s purpose:

Passion + Intention = Purpose
Time + Energy+ Money = Purpose

Key Takeaways:
1) Unique ways to define and align your purpose.
2) The power of intentional action for personal growth.
3) Rebranding failure as feedback, not as a source of guilt.

What Now? What Next?

How was your day, today?

We all have a variety of aspirations, whether it’s advancing in our careers, building better relationships, or excelling in sports and hobbies. All are worthy goals, but how we reflect on our actions and the outcomes of our daily efforts can greatly influence our success.

Through his work in strategic development around the world, Marlo has developed his five principles for self-defined success. These principles break down how to excel in any pursuit at the most basic level and can help audience members tackle their goals, day by day, with renewed energy.

Key Takeaways:
1) Reflective questions to evaluate your day.
2) Viewing success and progress through your own unique lens.
3) Finding clarity amidst the twists and turns of life.

In reality, most of us have had tremendous amounts of success in our lives, whether achieving educational milestones, securing career advancement, or excelling at a new hobby.

However, soon after we achieve our ambitious goal, we find ourselves thinking that something is missing. The never-ending cycle of striving and achieving begins once again.

After interviews across three continents, Marlo introduces his unique concept: the ‘Spectrum of Joy.’ This framework guides us to discover enduring contentment alongside our accomplishments, culminating in a pivotal step that ties together our cycle of striving and achieving.

Key Takeaways:
1) Balancing bliss, happiness, and contentment.
2) Creating and reflecting on your life satisfaction checklist.
3) Cultivating and sharing the Privileges of Success.

It All Comes Full Circle

An Islander and His Suitcase

From the beaches of Barbados to the cornfields of Iowa, the bustling streets of London, and the picturesque savannahs of South Africa, I've lived a life rich in diverse experiences. Each journey has been a source of invaluable essons in navigating cultural differences and building meaningful connections.

Through personal narratives, I will shed light on both the challenges and rewards, underscoring that moments of unity and temporary setbacks are integral aspects of our shared human experience.

Together we will unpack strategies to bridge diverse bakgrounds, use the power of storytelling to connect with others, and positively navigate the workplace and vibrant landscapes of the world.

Key Takeaways:
1) Harness the power of storytelling to build connection.
2) Insights into navigating cultural environments.
3) Leverage the strengths of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Henry Sidsaph Senior Business Lecturer - University of Chester

Marlo’s delivery style is relaxed and approachable which helped us prompt meaningful questions and discussion after the talk.

Jenna Sierra Author - A Jennuine Life

Marlo's speech was incredibly impactful and offered actionable advice that I still use over three year later.

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